CytoRecovery Recognized as Leading Small Tech Company

We at CytoRecovery are thrilled to have been part of TechNite 2024, an event celebrating the vibrant innovation ecosystem in Roanoke-Blacksburg. This year, our team was recognized for our pioneering work in advanced microfluidic technology, which was developed in collaboration with Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia. Our technology enables researchers to efficiently sort, enrich, and recover rare, viable cell subpopulations from various biological samples, contributing significantly to advancements in cell biology and life sciences.

Our participation in TechNite 2024 highlights not only CytoRecovery's commitment to innovative research and development but also the supportive and collaborative spirit of our local tech community. We are proud to be at the forefront of the life sciences sector, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cell biology research and technology.

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