Our Technology

The Cyto technology portfolio supports life science research by providing new capabilities to rapidly enrich, separate, and recover live cells. Our technology is unique in its ability to recover populations of specific cells without impacting the cells, enabling their maintenance and visibility for further analysis and use in biomedical research.

Electronics Generator - Power Amplifier

The Cyto designed electronics generator is a power amplifier capable of producing low (< 100 kHz) and high (> 1 MHz) frequency sinusoidal waveforms providing high voltage AC power for electronics applications. Using USB driven software, the generator can be stimulated to a variety of combination frequency and voltage parameters for use in numerous applications. Additional specifications can be found in the table below.

Chip Interfacing System

The Cyto designed chip interfacing system provides a plug and play system for use with a variety of cell sorting and microfluidic devices. These microscale devices, or chips, can be used in a variety of applications needing both fluidic and electronic stimulations. In conjunction with a power amplifier and software, the interfacing system can safely and accurately send a wide variety of frequency and voltage parameters to your microdevices. Additionally, the system is designed to interface on most, standard, inverted microscopes to visualize your experiments. Customizations and alterations are possible to meet your application needs.


The Cyto BufferTM reagent is an ultra-low
conductivity (<100 µS/cm) buffer for use in electrokinetics, electrophoresis, dielectrophoresis, and electrorotation applications. Our custom formulation adequately lowers sample conductivity for electromanipulation while sustaining high cell viability and metabolism for hours of experimental time.


Frequency Range

10 kHz - 15 MHz

Frequency Resolution

0.1 Hz

Output Voltage

Up to 600 Vpp (< 1 MHz) || Up to 300 Vpp (> 1 MHz)

Output Current

< 30 mA (at max voltage)

Voltage Adjustment

< +/- 2 Vpp

DC Offset

< 0.5 V

Power Supply

120 V AC


9 kg

Maximum Device (Chip) Size

30mm W x 40mm L x 6mm H

Microdevice Materials

Custom, adaptable options including COC, PMMA, PDMS

Fluidic Ports

Custom, adaptable options for multiple inlets/outlets


4x (Gold, Reusable)

Microscope Interfacing

Cutout for visualization on most, inverted microscopes

Power Supply

Custom, adaptable cabling

Maximum Overall Dimensions

16.8cm x 16.1cm


0.3 kg


We are accepting custom orders for our electronics generator & chip interfacing system. Contact us to learn more. We would love to provide you with your next technology purchase & learn more about how we can help with your applications.