CytoChip Kits

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CytoR1 Experimental Kit

The Cyto Chip Kit™ is a sterile, disposable product line for your cell enrichment, sorting, and recovery applications. The kit contains a Cyto Chip, tubing, syringes, and collection centrifuge tubes for start-to-finish experimental workflows. With a variety of Cyto Chip designs available, we can provide the right tools for your applications spanning oncology, sequencing, neurology, and more.

  • Sterile, disposable kits ensure confidence in workflows
  • Cyto Chips sustain high cell viability
  • High recoveries of viable populations for downstream manipulation 
  • All-in-one kit for full experimental workflow 
  • All lines seamlessly interface with Cyto R1 Platform Cyto Buffer

Chip Selection: 

Chip A: Live-dead enrichment, sample cleanup, larger cell phenotype differences

  • Chip Type: Batch
  • Electrode Type: 3D pillars
  • Pillar Size (UM): 20
  • Chip Width: Wide

Chip B: Precision enrichment, similar cell phenotypes, characterization sweeps

  • Chip Type: Batch
  • Electrode Type: 3D pillars
  • Pillar Size (UM): 20
  • Chip Width: Narrow

Chip C: Adipocytes, Schwann cells, oocytes

  • Chip Type: Batch
  • Electrode Type: 3D pillars
  • Pillar Size (UM): 80
  • Chip Width: Wide

Chip D: Higher throughput / larger volume

  • Chip Type: Batch
  • Electrode Type: Planar
  • Pillar Size (UM): N/A
  • Chip Width: N/A


  • Live-dead cell enrichment for downstream sequencing/analysis
  • Cell subpopulation enrichment
  • Sample debris removal for downstream culture


  • Fully sterilized to ensure sample-to-sample confidence
  • Biologically inert to ensure high viability throughout sample manipulation
  • Customizations available for applications-driven needs