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Our Story

Dr. Rafael Davalos, one of our inventors at Virginia Tech (VT), found that with currently existing technologies, he was unable to separate different kinds of cancer cells found in tumors. He was particularly interested in cancer stem cells (CSCs) which can be responsible for cancer recurrence. So he set about inventing a new technology that can rapidly sort and recover different cell types, including CSCs, to investigate disease understanding, therapy selections, and drug development. Mr. Leo Harris, a VT alum, came on as a co-founder, and their partnership laid the foundation for CytoRecovery. Since then, the expanding team has been prototyping and building our commercial-grade product system.

We are bringing to market advanced microfluidic technology to enable cell biologists and other life science researchers to rapidly sort, enrich, and recover rare, homogeneous, viable cell subpopulations from tissue, blood and other biological samples. Our exclusively licensed technologies were invented at Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia, bringing together a cross-commonwealth collaboration.

Who we are

CytoRecovery's diverse and dynamic team brings together scientific expertise & business acumen to further precision technologies for the future of personalized medicine.

Board of Directors

Steve Turner

James Ramey, JD
Board Member

Vinod Chachra, PhD 
Board Member

Our Team

Alex Hyler, PhD

Ridi Barua
Mechanical Engineer

Dean Thomas
Lab Director

Katie Degen, PhD
Applications Engineer

Kyle Brown
Manufacturing Manager

Erin Rogers
Office Manager

Josie Duncan
VT Graduate Student Researcher

Kyle Kinskie
Biomedical Engineering Researcher

Alex Nelson
Biomedical Engineering Researcher

Caitlin Coogan
Biology Researcher

Aimee Straka
Biomedical Engineering Researcher

Syleah Manns
Biomedical Engineering Researcher

Hajar Chokhmane
Biomedical Engineering Researcher

Scientific Advisory Board

Rafael Davalos, PhD
Virginia Tech

Eva Schmelz, PhD
Virginia Tech

Our Location

We are located at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.

1872 Pratt Drive, Suite 1350

Blacksburg, Virginia 24060


Call us at 540-961-7871